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Popcorn Lazy Daisy Stitch

The Popcorn Lazy Daisy Stitch Makes Things Pop! 🖤 Learn how to make the popcorn lazy daisy stitch to take your embroidery work to another level! This one is so much fun once you get the hang of it and it's going to add gorgeous volume and texture to your work that just might push your embroidery to the next level. I love using the popcorn lazy daisy stitch for some of my flower embroidery designs and it turns my flat work into a piece that literally has parts that can be moved and manipulated. You could say it gives things a little bit of life. It’s not a stitch I would recommend as a beginner because it takes both hands, some extra coordination, and a bit of patience. There’s an element of awkwardness when first learning this stitch, and I think that’s probably true for most stitches, but with the popcorn lazy daisy stitch, it takes some getting used to. Table of Contents Steps Video If you're a newbie, start with an easy embroidery stitch that's beginner-friendly, such a

Star Stitch Embroidery Tutorial

star stitch and diamond cross stitch

Star Stitch & a Bonus Stitch Tutorial

🖤 Learn how to make the star stitch to create cute little design accents!

Add a little bling bling with the star stitch (especially if you use metallic thread). This super cute embroidery stitch is an easy way to add small details like stars and sparkles to give your embroidery project a bit more character.

Table of Contents

I love stitches like this so at the end of the star stitch tutorial I’ll throw in another quick stitch that can be used in similar ways.

Star Stitch

  • Draw dots to serve as guides to form a diamond shape with one dot in the center. Add dots to the top and bottom, left and right, and one dot in between each of those dots.
  • Add a stitch from each dot on the outside to the center:

     Come up at A, return to the back at B.
  • Come up at C, return to the back at B.
straight stitch at top of diamond shape. Needle entering fabric at the center to create another straight stitch

Repeat these steps going all the way around your center until you have a cute little star. Always come up to the top of the fabric from the dots on the outside, and always return to the back at the center.

Easy peasy!

star stitch in green

Bonus Stitch tutorial

I don't know if there is a name for this little stitch, but it's one that you’ll find in a few of my pdf patterns. Try making this with 2 different color threads.

  • Draw 8 dots onto your fabric as guides in the following manner:

Connect the inner dots using a straight stitch on each side to form a diamond:

  • A to B
  • C to B
  • D to C
  • A to D
straight stitches forming the beginning of a diamond shape

stitched diamond shape with a dot a small distance away from each point

Add a straight stitch from each outer dot to the center to form a cross over the diamond.

two straight stitches added horizontally across the middle of the diamond

That’s all there is to it!

Using Metallic Thread

I love using metallic thread for accent stitches but it's definitely not as smooth as other threads so it can be a little testy if you rush through them. It kind of has a mind of its own.

So I thought I'd throw a few tips out there in case you'd like to give it a try.

  • Practice using metallic thread on a scrap piece of fabric first before using it on your embroidery work if you've never used metallic thread.
  • Take your time and always pull your thread gently through.
  • Don’t push metallic thread through the same hole too often. It’s better to make holes that are close together. Since metallic thread has a little texture it can catch on each other or the fabric if it doesn’t have enough room to move.
  • Make sure your fabric isn't too thick or you'll run into the issue just mentioned without a doubt.
  • Expect to use a bit more metallic thread for your work than you would with regular thread so it sometimes makes sense to use longer thread for your stitches (just don't make it too long).

Regardless of some of the nuances that come with metallic thread, I love using them, especially for accent stitches The french knot is another lovely accent stitch that looks lovely when made from metallic thread.


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