Flower Embroidery Stitch Along Part 2

Create 3 Lovely Flowers in this Stitch Along

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Welcome back! In part 1, we covered how to make a rose, daisy, cosmos, and lavender using the free flower template download I provided. There are 3 more flowers to cover so that’s what we’ll do here, in part 2, which will include the dandelion, thistle, and forget-me-not.

Flower Embroidery 5: Dandelion


Create the stem using 6 strands of dmc #3346. Use the stem stitch:

  • Create a small stitch at the bottom of the stem.
  • Come up a gap away.
  • Return to the small stitch and nudge it over to the right with your needle and return to the back.
  • Continue steps to finish the stem.

Stitch the center of the dandelion.

  • Use 6 strands of dmc #3782 and add the satin stitch in the center of the dandelion.
  • Use 6 strands of dmc #898 and use the seed stitch to create seeds around the center.

    Make the pappus, (the fuzzy white part) with 2 strands of white using the fly stitch and a small seed stitch.

    • Come up at A then return to the back at B. Keep the stitch loose.
    • Come up at C and go over the loose stitch, then tighten to form a ‘V’ shape.
    • Return to the back at D. This should sit at the top of the small brown seeds.
    • Add a small seed stitch that goes from E to C.

    Flower Embroidery 6: Thistle


    Create the stem with dmc #3346 using the stem stitch, just like we did with the lavender flower, only this time use 6 strands.
    • Start at the bottom and when you reach the top come back up to the top of the fabric in the middle of the flower receptacle, and set your needle down.

     stem stitch in green with thread coming up in the middle of a flower receptacle template

    Make the petals with 6 strands of #3835

    • Wrap thread around 3 of your fingers (keep your fingers loose) 12 times & cut the end. The beginning and end of your thread should end up on opposite sides of your fingers.
    • Carefully remove thread from your fingers and center it on the bottom of your flower receptacle, below the thread you left behind earlier.
    • Take your needle and return to the back at the base of your flower receptacle to hold down the petals. It only needs to be done once or twice.

     looped thread attached to the top of stem with thread

    Make the flower receptacle using dmc #3346 with the satin stitch

    • Fold your petals up and add a stitch over the bunched thread where the top of the receptacle is.
    • Cover the receptacle using the satin stitch, and adjust as needed.

    Loops bunched up and tied together at the top of flower receptacle

    Create the petals.

    • Cut the loops and trim
    • Use your needle and finger to separate the strands
    • Fluff the strands.

    thistle embroidery flower

    Flower Embroidery 7: Forget Me Not


    Stitch the petals

    • Use 6 strands of dmc #518 to fill the petals with the satin stitch
    • Use 4 strands of dmc white and add a lazy daisy stitch. The top of the loop should point towards the center of the flower.

     forget me not flower embroidery

    • Add a small satin stitch in the center using 6 strands of #898. Leave a small gap between it and the petals.
    • Add 4 strand lazy daisy stitches with 1 wrap in that gap using dmc #743.

     forget me not flower embroidery

    Now that the tutorial is finished, take what you’ve learned and feel free to modify the stitches and colors to create your own version. Think of these flower embroidery tutorials as a ‘base’ to go off of, and add your own flair!

    If you need to review any of the stitches covered for the flowers be sure to pop by the stitch blog posts for more detailed instructions and videos.

    Happy stitching!

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