Quick and Easy Running Stitch

running stitch laid out to look like green rays

Make Dashes with the Running Stitch

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One of the easiest of basic embroidery stitches is the running stitch which, in its simplicity is really a group of dashed lines (kind of similar to what you would see on a highway). Each stitch can be about the same size and laid made with the same distance from each other to give the running stitch a nice uniform look, but you can vary the sizes and gaps for a more organic aesthetic.

What To Do with the Running Stitch

The running stitch often used for outlining shapes and lines, and it's also used for decorative elements. It can also be used as a fill that goes in any direction you’d like. The lines can be straight or curved… whatever floats your boat.

It's also used to finish the back of your embroidery project to pull the edges of your fabric together with ease.

Running Stitch Step-by Step

With your hooped fabric ready, start by creating one simple stitch. Leave a gap and come up to the top of your fabric and create another stitch. As you repeat this your running stitch will come together to resemble dashes.

 needle returning to the back at the end of first stitch

Keep going until you've reached a happy length!

running stitch in red

There’s all there is to the basic running stitch. Simple and humble, but with lots of room for creative designs!

 running stitch laid out to look like green rays

Running Stitch Video Tutorial

Now that we've gone over the running stitch step-by-step take a minute to watch the quick video so you can see it in action, then browse through my Stitches Library for more stitch tutorials.


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