The Cross Stitch & Loop Stitch

The Cross Stitch & Loop Stitch

The cross stitch and loop stitch are two very easy embroidery stitches you will love! Both add texture as well as character to your fabric, and because they're so easy I've put them both into one blog post.

The Cross Stitch

Starting with the cross stitch, just as the name suggests, they look just like the stitches you see in cross stitch patterns and resembles an 'X'. It really doesn't need much instruction but I still like to provide it. So, here we go!

Start with a diagonal stitch. It can go from left to right or vice versa. It really doesn't matter, but it's a good habit to stick with one for the sake of visual consistency, especially if you are adding more than one cross stitch.

Then add a diagonal stitch over it to create the 'X' shape.

blue X cross stitch

Use it as a simple stand alone accent stitch or group them to create cute design elements or even as an open fill stitch.

row of blue cross stitches

The Loop Stitch

The look and texture of the loop stitch is very similar to what you'd see with punch embroidery. It's fun and loopy!

Start by coming up to the top of your fabric, then push your needle through right next to it.

Pull your thread through slowly and leave a little loop behind.

one orange loop stitch

Take your time so you don't pull your thread too tightly. If you lose your loop to the back you can use your needle to pull it back through to the front, but it can be a pain in the butt. It's better to take care than to spend time trying to fix a rush job. 

Add more loops close to each other until you get your desired outcome. As you pull through, watch your thread so none of the loops decide to hitch a ride to the back. This can happen if your loops get in the way of your thread.

group of orange loop stitches

 I hope you'll give these easy embroidery stitches a try! 

Vertical row of blue cross stitches and a bunch of orange loop stitches.

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