Wall Art FAQ

Which Paper Do You Recommend?

Which paper you select depends on what you're looking for. The options include: matte, semi-gloss/luster photo paper, or hot press matte paper.

Here's a comparison to help you make a decision.

 Matte Semi-Gloss/Luster Hot Press Matte
Texture smooth light texture very light texture
Weight 230 gsm 250 gsm 330 gsm
Color bright white bright white neutral white
Finish matte luster matte

All papers have high contrast but semi-gloss/luster photo paper will have the best due to its luster finish. Select either matte paper if you'd like your print to convey a more subtle and calm mood. Works that contain text, pastels, large solid colors or minimal colors are perfect for matte paper.

Regardless of which you choose, your prints will be reproduced with beautiful colors and detail to breathe a little love into your space.

How to Care for Your Art Prints

All art prints are created using archival eco-solvent inks on premium acid-free paper to ensure they last for generations. To maximize their life here are some recommendations:

  • Keep out of direct sunlight which can fade colors prematurely.
  • Hang in a dry area to avoid molding and water damage.
  • Avoid hanging your print where there will be excess air pollutants such as cigar or cigarette smoke.
  • Dust lightly with a clean feather duster when needed or hang behind glass.
  • Framing is recommended.

How are Prints Shipped?

Once your purchase has been made, your order is processed for print and will be carefully rolled and shipped inside kraft mailing tubes to offer the best protection possible during shipping. Only prints that are 9" will be shipped flat.

How To Flatten Rolled Prints

Prints shipped in kraft tubes will require flattening which can be done by placing them under a flat heavy object, such as a large book. This can take several days and in some cases a week or more.

How long it takes to flatten a print depends a lot on the size and thickness of the paper, as well as how long it has been rolled. The sooner the print is flattened the better. 

Another method which tends to be a bit quicker will require some scotch tape and a couple sheets of paper. The paper will need to be of similar length as the rolled print. Tape the sheets together to match the length, if needed.

With clean hands, unroll your print, then re-roll in the opposite direction until it is smaller than the opening of the kraft tube.

Carefully wrap your paper around the print, then tape shut.

Place back into the tube for 2-3 days or longer. Again, how long it takes to flatten the print will depend on the factor mentioned above.